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Welcome to Tomplayer

TomPlayer is a free multimedia player for Tomtom GPS.



TomPlayer enables to

  • Watch videos on your GPS

  • Listen to audio files

  • And much more : Just have a look at Tomplayer features


Last Updated on Sunday, 17 April 2011 00:44
Tomplayer V0.230 is released



Tomplayer v0.220 is more than one year old and has been downloaded about 43000 times.

It was high time to release a new version.

So, i am very happy to announce that i have just released Tomplayer V0.230.

Here is the changelog :



  • New mplayer build (SVN-r30895-snapshot-3.3.4 (C) 2000-2010 MPlayer Team)
    •  Among other new features, this new build can handle mkv with internal subtitles
  • New kernel for standalone version (based on tt348526)
  • Bluetooth DUN is available in this new standalone version 
    • To connect from a Linux host, type as root : dund --search -n
  •  Audio resume keeps the position in file and not only the file
  •  Video playlist is available
  • On FM options screen, we can recall the 2 previously used frequencies
  • New options in tomplayer.ini :
    • FM values for recall from FM options screen
      • fm_transmitter1
      • fm_transmitter2
    • Internal speaker configuration (0 for auto mute - 1 always mute - 2 Never mute)
      • int_speaker
It is known that Tomtom GO950 have to set this int_speaker value to 2 in order to get sound
    • A way to enable/disable the video preview in file selector (0 to disable - 1 to enable)
      • video_preview
  • Tomtom Eclipse Full support :
    • To use tomplayer on a TT eclipse :
      • Replace by
      • If you want the sound only in your car speakers, you have to select "usb mode" on the radio and to set int_speaker variable to 1 in tomplayer.ini configuration file
      • By the way, you can access USB storage from /mnt/mass_storage
      • Aditional information about Eclipse installation are available on the forum here

Bug correction


Subtitles are always correctly displayed

Known Bugs


Some issues have been reported with navcore v9 for integrated installation. Use standalone installation if you have such a navcore.



You can download it by following this link

Last Updated on Saturday, 16 October 2010 13:04
New web site

I am pleased to announce that the beta version of the new Tomplayer web site is available.

I hope that you will find it usefull and ergonomic.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 April 2010 00:19