About us


Currently, Tomplayer is developed, maintained and supported by Stéphan Rafin, aka Wolfgar.

He is also the web designer and provides support on the forum.


Patrick Bruyère aka nullpointer initiated the project at the begining of year 2008.

He is the coder of gmplayer, the first name of Tomplayer based on minigui before a more adequate name was chosen when Stephan joined his effort in February 2008.

He is still administrator of the project and is very welcome here but he has not been able, for personal reasons,  to get involved with Tomplayer since the end of year 2008. You can check his website.




Tomplayer has received many contributions especially regarding graphics but also regarding forum moderation. 

Any help or contributions are very welcome.

Feel free to contact us if you want to join the project.



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